Counter Terrorism Dept to be re-organized: IGP KP

Ikram Ullah Khalil
PESHAWAR: The Inspector General of Police (IGP) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Akhtar Hayat Khan on Friday said that all the necessary steps would be taken to improve the capabilities of police force with the aim to maintain the peace in the province
IGP said this during an interaction with a group of senior journalists here at the Central Police Office (CPO). The newly appointed KP Police chief informed that two new police administrative divisions have been created in Peshawar to improve internal discipline, command & control and make monitoring more sustainable.
KP Police chief said that re-organization of Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) is very important for improving the performance of the police force and for this purpose more officers would be deployed in CTD. “We need latest fighting equipments and use of technology to eliminate the menace of militants from the province”, IGP said.
He ensured that all the appointments in police force would be done on merit as he believed in transparency and it’s the only to improve the force performance in the better interest of the masses security. Regarding the law and order in Peshawar, IGP informed that provincial capital is facing various challenges and the population of both Gulbahar and Faqirbad has grown manifold.
He said that people from different areas have started residing in the localities, which has further increased challenges relating to law and order. To meet these challenges, he said the creation of Faqirabad as a new division had become need of the hour. The IGP said that a separate division of Faqirabad division with its own Superintendent of Police (SP) would make immediate response, effective command and monitoring possible in case of any incident.
Similarly, he said that Warsak locality is also of high importance relating to law and order in the provincial capital and some recent incidents have links with the elements entered to the city from this area.
He said that with the creation of the new Warsak Division will bring police stations of the bordering areas including Regi Model Town, Nasirbagh, Regi, Mathra and Machni Gate in better position. He said that giving all police stations of the bordering areas under the command of an Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) will bring improvement in the administrative affairs and supervision.
He said that the main objective of the establishment of these police level divisions is the prevention of crimes, running of the police affairs in a better manner and stopping attacks from sensitive localities. Regarding the establishment of new sub-division, the IGP said that due to long distance from Sarband has been separated from Badbher Sub-Division and included with Pishtakhara and now a new sub-division in the name of Pishtakhara with police stations Pishtakhara and Sarband has been established.
IGP added the basic purpose of the process was the reorganization of Peshawar Police and in case of any incident bringing improvement in effective coordination among the senior police officers, quick response, beside building the grip of senior and junior officers on administrative affairs within their areas of jurisdiction and sustainable control on crime control.