Country’s development every Afghan responsibility: Kabir

KABUL (Agencies): The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Deputy Prime Minister, in a meeting with the Deputy Governor of Laghman, said that the progress and development of Afghanistan is the common responsibility of all Afghans.
The Deputy Governor of Laghman, Mullah Sayed provided details about the security, social and economic situation of Laghman province with Deputy Prime Minister in a meeting, according to a statement.
54 charitable organizations are active in this province and provide services to the people in different sectors, the deputy governor of Laghman shared some of the problems of that province.
Deputy PM Kabir said that Afghanistan is the common home of all Afghans, adding that the development of Afghanistan is the responsibility of every Afghan.
In the end, Deputy Prime Minister Kabir, gave necessary instructions and assured that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan will share the problems of the said province with the relevant departments.