COVID vaccine to arrive in Pakistan

The National Command and Operation Center (NCOC) informed the nation, that a special plane is fly to China on Sunday for transportation of first tranche of COVID-19 vaccine. The NCOC held in depth discussion about vaccine administration strategy across the country, administrative measures particularly supply chain management, and storage arrangements of the Coronavirus vaccine. NCOC also informed the media that all necessary measures have been put in place at the Capital and supply to the provinces particularly to Sindh and Balochistan will be made through airplane.

Sindh government is planning to import COVID vaccine worth Rs. 1 billion for the people of the province. All this is about the vaccination of our people, to boost their immunity against any possible coronavirus infection. But as far as the treatment of the patients is concern, Ministry of Health is only dragging the old practices and the death rate of COVID patients is not lowering in the country during the few weeks.