Culture Minister visits Herat historical sites

KABUL (Agencies): Acting Information and Culture Minister, Mullah Khairullah Khairkhah, visited Herat historical sites.
The Minister of Information and Culture, Visiting Herat, stressed on the preservation of historical sites said: “Every historical sites are a part of the cultural and historical value of the country and this ministry will do its best to preserve it.
On his trip he visit the famous historical bridge of Tarpol in that province.
Tarpol bridge is located on Harirud river, 90km to the west of Herat, between Khesan and Ghorian districts, and the construction of the bridge dates back to the pre-Timuryan period.
The historic Tarpol bridge, has a sight-seeing attraction, and also has a different structure in terms of construction, said Mawlana Naeem ul Haq Haqqani, the head of information and culture of Herat.
Meanwhile, Minister Khairkhah, during his trip visited Islam Qala border.