Paktia: Aid delivery slowing since women banned from NGOs

PAKTIA (TOLOnews): Some Paktia residents said that aid from relief organizations in this province has slowed down after restrictions were imposed on women’s work.
Many families in Paktika are still struggling after losing homes and family members in this past summer’s earthquake.
They claimed that some relief organizations have stopped their activities due to the latest ban on women and asked that the Islamic Emirate should reconsider this decision.
“We call on the Islamic Emirate to allow women to return to their work in Hijab so relief organization can aid the people,” said Faridon, a Paktia resident.
“The aid process has decreased from 100 percent to 80 percent and the reason is a ban on women’s work,” said Wali Khan, a Paktia resident.
According to Paktia residents, the natural disaster caused many challenges.
Malalay has a seven-member family and said that she faced economic challenges and did not receive aid from a relief organization.
“I didn’t have anything to eat at night now that I have come here, I borrowed money to rent a car,” said Malalay.
Local officials said relief by organizations in this province has decreased.
“The process of providing aid has decreased, the institutions should be asked why they have reduced the aid. The warehouses that we have in the disaster management department have been forced to help the people from the warehouses,” said Nisar Ahmad Nijat, head disaster management department in Paktia.
It has been two months that the process of providing aid by relief organizations has slowed down after restrictions were imposed on women’s work.