Deepfake in Bollywood: Alia Bhatt is the latest victim

Monitoring Desk

MUMBAI: The sinister side of artificial intelligence (AI) has surfaced in India where altered photos and deepfake videos are becoming more and more common among Bollywood celebs.

Alia Bhatt, Bollywood actor, is the most recent celebrity to join the sad ranks. Both fans and industry insiders are concerned about the security and privacy of public people in light of this troubling trend, as they consider the ramifications of these digital deceptions.

Alia Bhatt

Recently, Alia Bhatt was the target of the deepfake phenomena in a disturbing video that went viral online. A female dressed in a blue flowery co-ord outfit and resembling the B-Town celebrity can be seen making lewd gestures towards the camera in this edited video.

Katrina Kaif

Alia’s phoney video was released shortly after a photo of Katrina Kaif from her upcoming movie Tiger 3 was altered digitally. The original photo featured Kaif in a scene with a towel-clad stuntwoman.

Instead of the towel, Katrina was shown in the altered version sporting a low-cut white top and matching bottom, emphasising the dangerous potential of deepfake technology.


Bollywood veteran Kajol was also targeted by the deepfake threat, as evidenced by a video that surfaced showing her face superimposed on a woman changing clothes in front of the camera.

It was eventually discovered, though, that the video originally showed an English social media influencer taking part in the TikTok “Get Ready With Me” (GRWM) movement. In the era of deepfakes, the episode highlights the possibility of false information and the importance of meticulous verification.