Deputy PM stressed conducting uplift projects in country

KABUL (Agencies): The Deputy Prime Minister of the Islamic Emirate, Mawlavi Abdul Salam Hanafi In a meeting with a group of scholars, officials and Mujahideen of Kunduz, termed conducting development projects important for prosperity of the country.
According to a statement released by Arg, the Deputy Prime Minister Hanafi, met with Mullah Rehmatullah Mohammad, the commander of the 203rd Mansoori Army Corps, Mawlavi Habib ur Rahman Sohaib, the Deputy Governor of Kunduz, and a group of local officials and Mujahideen of that province.
The commander of Mansoori 203rd Army Corps, reminded of the mujahideen of Kunduz sacrifices a lot during Jihad against foreign invaders and the re-establishment of the Islamic system, adding that now people and the mujahideen of this province support the Islamic system.
He mentioned the problems of the people in the fields of education, religious schools, health and transportation and asked the officials of the Islamic Emirate to launch development projects in Kunduz province to address the people’s problems.
For his part, Deputy PM Hanafi, praised the bravery of the people and Mujahideen of the province during the Jihad time to end the invasions and re-establish the Islamic system in the country.
Hanafi called the implementation of development projects important for the development and prosperity of the country, added that the Islamic Emirate will conduct these projects in all the provinces of the country as soon as possible.