‘Rights of women, girls violated in Afghanistan’

UNITED NATIONS (Khaama Press): While explaining the United Nation’s 2023 programs, Secretary General Antonio Guterres has said that Afghan women and girls have been ‘isolated’ due to the restrictions imposed by the country’s caretaker regime.
Guterres said the world needs a sustainable peace, that is in line with the United Nations resolutions and international laws.
While explaining the UN’s agendas for the year 2023 on peace and gender equality, Guterres emphasized the organizations’ continuous efforts towards restoring sustainable peace and fighting against the violation of women’s rights across the globe.
He has also warned that the growing tensions among some governments are worrying, therefore, a collective comprehensive approach is required to ease the tensions and move towards lasting peace and stability.
“Violation of women’s rights is rapidly increasing, and the ‘isolation’ of Afghan women and girls are a clear example,” he said. Mr. Guterres has further added that the rights of women and girls have been violated in Afghanistan, and brutal terrorist attacks continue in the war-torn country.
Lack of gender equality and gender segregation has led to miserable living conditions for women and girls in Afghanistan. Henceforth, the UN’s focus for 2023 will be concentrated on achieving gender equality and sustainable peace worldwide.
The United Nations, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, and other rights advocacy organizations have repeatedly called on the de facto authorities of Afghanistan to respect the rights of the people of Afghanistan, those of women and girls in particular. However, the country’s ruling regime pursues its own policies and practices a rather strict version of Islamic Sharia laws, with no leniency in matters of women’s access to education, work, and public life.