Diplomatic town to be constructed near Darul Aman Palace

KABUL (Agencies): The Ministry of Urban Development and Housing has announced plans to construct a diplomatic town near the historic Darulaman Palace in Afghan Capital City. The project, which was suspended in 2013 due to various reasons, is expected to resume soon. The diplomatic town is intended to provide a secure and comfortable residential location for foreign diplomats and representatives. The project will cover 175 acres of land behind the Darulaman Palace. The deputy minister of urban development and housing, Sheikh Madar Ali Karimi Bamyani, met with the deputy head of the security department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Eng. Abdul Jalil Rahmati, to discuss the project. Rahmati requested the cooperation and assistance of the urban development ministry in this regard. Bamyani assured that the ministry will support the project and provide the necessary technical and logistical assistance.