Displaced families struggle with cold weather

NIMROZ (TOLOnews): Dozens of displaced families in the city of Zaranj, the center of Nimroz province, said they are faced with a tough situation after heavy rain and sandstorm in the province.
The families said that their tents have been damaged due to sandstorms and they are struggling with the cold weather.
After their tents were damaged, at least 70 displaced families were sent to a sports stadium in Zaranj city.
“We ask the government to provide shelter for us,” said Ehyauddin, member of a displaced family.
“We have nothing. We need help. We are poor,” said Mah Gul, member of a displaced family.
The families said that they are struggling with the freezing weather despite being moved to an indoor stadium in the province.
“Last night, it was so cold. There was a storm. It destroyed our tent. We had nothing to keep ourselves warm,” said Khal Bibi, member of a displaced family.
“We decided to move these displaced people to an indoor sports stadium,” said Abdul Shakur Nawabi, head of the physical education department in Nimroz.
Officials in Nimroz asked aid organizations and investors to help the displaced people.
“We called on all people those who are rich to help these people,” said Sidiqullah Nusrat, head of the refugee and repatriations department in Nimroz.
“We are here to bring them food and blanket,” said Mohammad Qasim, head of the disaster management department in Nimroz.
This comes after heavy snowfalls in at least 20 provinces of the country in the last few days.