Snow trapped passengers rescued in Salang

KABUL (Agencies): Officials of Information and Culture Baghlan say that they rescued hundreds of passengers trapped in snowstorm in Salang.
The provincial head of Information and Culture of Baghlan said that last night, hundreds of passengers and drivers, including women and children, who were trapped in the northern Salang in snowstorm, were rescued and were taken warm places.
Salang highway reopened for traffic:
The officials of the Ministry of Public Works of Afghanistan said that Salang Highway which connects the north with the capital reopened to traffic on Friday night.
Abu Mohammad Hafiz Mohammad Yaqoub, the head of the Salang Maintenance and Monitoring said that the cleaning operation in the south part of Salang Pass started when the weather turned warmer and the process was completed on Friday night.
He said that vehicle movement on the route is normal after it was cleared from the snow.
Meanwhile, strong winds with significant cold persisted in the south region of Salang Pass, the source said.