Doctors Without Borders reports on Afghan economy, health needs

KABUL (TOLOnews): Doctors Without Borders said in a report that a broken healthcare system, widespread poverty, and increased bans on women are fueling the current humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.
This organization in a report titled “Persistent barriers to access health care in Afghanistan,” commented on the effects of a protracted crisis and a staggering economic situation in Afghanistan, with 95 percent of respondents in the report saying they cannot afford food due to economic challenges, unemployment and increased cost of food materials in the past 12 months.
The report said that sanctions imposed by the international community have crippled the economy, while $7 billion of the Afghan Central Bank’s assets remain frozen abroad and are inaccessible to people in need.
According to the report, the health situation is worse for women, and the recent bans in Afghanistan through the current government about working for non-governmental organizations and from university-level education will likely only worsen women’s access to health care.