Efforts underway to resolve tensions

TAKHAR (TOLOnews): Local officials in the northern province of Takhar said that efforts are underway to resolve tensions between residents in Khwaja Bahauddin and newly returned refugees from Pakistan.
The newly returned refugees claimed that land belonged to them but the residents said that they have been settled in this land for more than 30 years. They said that the land was given to them by former governments.
The disputes were in Gulbahar, Mahajar Qeshlaq and Nawbahar villages of Khwaja Bahauddin district.
“They entered our houses and kicked a family out of the house and beat them,” said Abdul Rahman, a resident.
However, the returnees, who are claiming to be the main residents of the areas, said that they left the country around three decades before due to several challenges and migrated to Pakistan.
“I am not a nomad nor from Waziristan. I am from Takhar –from Lala Guzar—from Khwaja Bahuddin and this is my legal document,” said Saadullah, a returned refugee.
“I migrated out to fear, and I returned. Now these people are standing against us and don’t want to give us land or house,” said Durani, a returned refugee.
Some of the residents called for a legal solution to the issue through the judicial system.
The local officials also said that they would seek resolution through legal means.
“One side claims that the land is seized by the residents of the area and they have documents—on the other hand, the other side is claiming that the land belongs to them and they also have documents,” said Mubeen Sapai, a spokesman for the Takhar security department.
Earlier, there have been reports published about rising tensions between the residents and newly returned refugees.