Elizabeth Kennedy Trudeau Travels to San Diego, Las Vegas, and Houston

F.P. Report

WASHINGTON: Acting Assistant Secretary for Global Public Affairs Elizabeth Kennedy Trudeau will travel to San Diego, Las Vegas, and Houston from September 6-10, 2022. Her five-day trip underscores the importance the Department of State places on bringing U.S. foreign policy to the American public and strengthening ties between the Department and community-based organizations, public and private sector partners, educational institutions, local governments, and local media outlets across the country.

In San Diego, Acting Assistant Secretary Trudeau will meet with university students and professors at three institutions to discuss U.S. policy priorities, as well as public sector service. She will also meet with longstanding Department partners in facilitating Department exchange programs like the International Visitors Leadership Program, community organizations focused on international affairs and meet with public officials working on asylee and refugee issues in the San Diego area.

In Las Vegas, Acting Assistant Secretary Trudeau will engage with the Nevada business community on international economic issues. She will also meet with local government leaders who have served as U.S. models for advancing disability rights internationally, and meet with community college students focusing on government and leadership.

In Houston, Acting Assistant Secretary Trudeau will meet with members of the regional Fulbright alumni network and organizations focused on supporting international exchange participants. Continuing her engagement with educational institutions, she will also meet with students from a range of programs focusing on international affairs.