European Defense Spending escalates by 5.6% in 2020

F.P Report

MOSCOW: Collective Security Treaty Organization’s Secretary-General Stanislav Zas has revealed new facts on Tuesday regarding the defense spending of Europe stating that, Europe’s defense spending last year grew by 5.6%, which is thrice the world average.

Zas had divulged that “Last year the world’s defense spending was up 1.9%. The highest growth last year was in the European countries – 5.6%, which is nearly thrice the world average,” Zas said.

While calling it “unproductive” Zas remarked that this kind of approach to security could hardly be called productive, though.

Zas posed a question saying “Shall we, enlightened Europe, be proud of this achievement? Or shall we stop to think to become aware that there are more effective and less costly ways of ensuring security?”