Families of attack victims demand security

HERAT (TOLOnews): The families of the victims of Friday’s armed attack in Herat want the perpetrators of this event to be identified and punished. At least six people, including two religious scholars and two women, were killed and two others were wounded in the attack by armed men in the west of Herat city.

“The government should take it seriously, they [the perpetrators] should be found. How long do we have to live like this?” said Ali Reza, the brother of one of the religious scholars who died in this incident.

“Security must be provided, there is a security shell in this area, how do they get past the shells? We who are workers, when we come back from work in the evening, they try our whole body,” said Mohammad Ali, a relative of the deceased. Qambar, who was returning home after participating in the happy ceremony of one of his relatives, was injured in this incident. He told TOLOnews about this attack: “The gun was under his blanket when he got out of the car and asked where did you come from?” our religious scholar wanted to talk but the armed man started shooting.”

“I ask the Islamic Emirate to try to find the perpetrators of these murders,” said Mohammad Ali Alizada, another relative of the deceased.

Eight civilians were attacked by armed men on their way home after participating in a ceremony.

“Those who disrupt the order and security of the society, shed people’s blood and create differences between the brotherly tribes of Afghanistan, we ask our government to arrest them,” said Alidad, one of the relatives of the deceased. The local authorities of Herat have condemned this incident and assured that the perpetrators of this incident will be identified and punished.

“The local administration of Herat… assures the dear nation that the security forces are trying to arrest the perpetrators of this incident and hand them over to the law,” said Nesar Ahmad Elyas, the spokesman of Herat’s governor.

The Ministry of Interior has also called the attack by armed men on civilians in the west of Herat city a terrorist attack. Meanwhile, the Iranian embassy in Kabul has also condemned this incident and asked the caretaker government to identify and punish the perpetrators of this attack.