Poor quality of schools criticized

KABUL (TOLOnews): The Acting Minister of Education, Habibullah Agha, criticized the poor quality of education in religious schools in the country.

By expressing his concerns about this issue, Habibullah Agha asked the Islamic Emirate and religious scholars to pay serious attention to raising the quality of education in religious schools.

Speaking at the graduation ceremony of about 120 students from Darul-Ulom Imam Abu Hanifa’s 12th and 14th grades, the Acting Minister of Education said that the number of religious schools has increased in comparison to the past and that students are given good facilities in this area.

“In my point of view, the quality of education is becoming weaker day by day, although seeking education has become easier. There was a time that students could not find a book,” Habibullah Agha noted.

Meanwhile, the officials of Darul-Ulom Imam Abu Hanifa stressed improving the quality of education in religious schools, saying that not only religious sciences are taught in this Darul-Ulom, but also contemporary sciences.

“In our Darul Ulom, not only religious sciences but also contemporary sciences are taught, so these graduates, in addition to religious sciences, also include students from contemporary sciences, and today about 120 people graduated from this Darul Ulom,” said Abdulhai, head of the Imam Abu Hanifa Darul-Ulom.

A number of Imam Abu Hanifa Darul-Ulom graduates from the 12th and 14th grades asked the Islamic Emirate to provide them with employment opportunities in the country.

“There is no equivalency between knowledge and ignorance. So, we must study and be educated. Those young people who are educated and talented, the Islamic Emirate must provide them with work,” a graduate said.

About four thousand students are now have enrolled to study religious and modern sciences at Darul-Ulom Imam Abu Hanifa, which was established in the Bagrami district of Kabul province in 1323 solar year.