Farah Khan calls Karan Johar ‘a background dancer’

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NEW DELHI: Farah Khan and Karan Johar are often seen having a friendly banter among themselves which involves fashion choices.

Recently, Farah made a mean remark on Karan’s choice of clothing. She said he dresses up like the background dancers in the songs choreographed by her.

Farah was present at a launch party in Dubai a few days ago and she was asked how Karan would react to the dress she was wearing at the moment, to which she said he would be shocked if he witnesses her wearing a Manish Malhotra dress.

She was also asked what her worst red carpet nightmare was, she said, “My worst red carpet nightmare is seeing Karan on the red carpet looking like a chandelier. I am always very comfortable, I wear what is comfy. He is always dressed like my background dancer.”