Female entrepreneurs open women’s market

HERAT (TOLOnews): A number of female entrepreneurs have opened a market dedicated for women in the capital city of Herat.
The market aims to enhance work opportunities for women, according to entrepreneurs.
More than 30 women are working in this market… There are shops of women dresses, handmade crafts and local foods,” said Nargis Hashimi, head of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of western Zone.
Many women who are working in this market are the breadwinner of their families.
“When I receive some profits here. I help my parents and family who encouraged me and thus today, I am here,” said Maliha, a shopkeeper.
“It is a proud time for us that we are able to work at a market despite difficult conditions,” said Maliha Amiri, a shopkeeper.
The market is dedicated for only women clients.
“This is fortunate that women can come here and work without worries and sell their products,” said Masouda Muwahid, a resident of Herat.
“When the women with good educational backgrounds come and work here, it motivates other women too,” said Azita Barakzai, a client.
The economists believes that the women’s activities in business is a serious need for the Afghan economy.
“This is very effective. First for women, second for the society and country,” said Bahnaz Saljoqi, an economist.
Based on statistics of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of western Zone, more 1,500 women in Herat are engaged into small and medium businesses.