Focus on to provide relief to flood victims: Sharjeel

F.P. Report

KARACHI: Provincial Minister for Information, Transport and Mass Transit Sharjeel Inam Memon has said that flood and rain water has been drained from more than 50 percent affected areas and added that Irrigation, Public Health Engineering and other related departments are working day and night on the dewatering process.

He said that Sindh Chief Minister is monitoring the whole process himself and holding district wise meetings on a daily basis. Where there are problems they are being addressed. He expressed these views while addressing a press conference at the Sindh Archives Complex in Friday.

The minister said that 506,579 tents, 523,195 tarpaulins, 3,023,872 mosquito nets, 798,053 liters of mineral water, 68,837 jerry cans and other items have been given to the victims by the Sindh government, while 1,420,189 have been provided ration bags. He said that Sindh Government is ensuring huge supply of ration on daily basis.

In this regard, orders have been placed with private vendors so that those who have nothing left to eat and those who are returning to their homes from the relief camp could be provided ration bags. Apart from this, he added that cooked food is also being served to flood striken people at all relief camps and tent cities.

He said that the entire machinery of the Sindh government is focusing to provide maximum relief to the victims. He said that the government has provided treatment facilities to 13 million victims and teams of Health Department and PPHI are engaged in remote areas. He said that the phase of rehabilitation has started, in this regard, the Chief Minister of Sindh has had a successful meeting with the country director of the World Bank.

The World Bank has given a tremendous response and assured the Sindh government of Rs. 110 billion for the construction of houses in flood affected areas. He revealed that In this regard, a company headed by the Chief Secretary will be established, which will complete the entire process in a transparent manner. In addition, he said that the World Bank has assured to give Rs. 6 billion for the reconstruction of infrastructure damaged by the recent rains in Karachi in which Sindh government will also contribute Rs. 7 billion from its own resources as overall, Rs. 13 billion have been estimated for the rehabilitation of Karachi’s infrastructure damaged due to recent rains.

At present local government through KMC , DMCs and KDA is working to repair the main arteries of Karachi. He said that a record 400 mm rains have recorded in Karachi in recent monson season which had badly damaged the roads and infrastructure of the city. The Sindh Chief Minister immediately released billions of rupees to repair the roads of Karachi.

He added that in the past, when 100 Mili meters downpour in Karachi, hundreds of precious lives had lost and the water used to remained stagnant for months. This time all the machinery of the Sindh government was active, worked better than in the past and the water was drained out in a few days.

Sharjeel Memon said that the World Bank has also assured 323 million US $ for the growers, which will be utilized for provision of seeds to growers and for preparation of the land for new crops.

He said that after the assumption of Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari as Foreign Minister, Pakistan had achieved great success on the front of diplomacy in such a short period of time, which is unprecedented in the history of Pakistan. International media and journals have given tremendous importance to Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari’s foreign visits. On his visit to Germany yesterday, Germany has announced 10 million euros in humanitarian aid to flood hit people of Pakistan. 158 countries of the United Nations have passed a resolution to help the flood victims of Pakistan.

He said that all this was possible only through successful diplomacy as Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari effectively presented the case of flood victims of Pakistan at the international level and our country is getting excellent response from all over the world.

He said that unfortunately some people are engaged in conspiracies against the country and false propaganda is being launched against the country and it’s important institutions. In the 75-year history of Pakistan, no prime minister would have even thought of conspiring against the country. But the PTI chief hatched heinous conspiracies against the country. He said that after the recent audio leaks, PTI and it’s chief conspiracies are being exposed day by day, this is unprecedented phenomenon in the political history of the country.

As long as he was in power he was a failed Prime Minister, he did not know how to run the affairs of the country. The provincial minister said that Imran Khan had come to power in a fake way and later became a ‘ Ladla’. Imran Khan ignored the diplomatic relations of the country and gave no importance to the foreign relations of the country rather spoiled the long-standing relations with our friendly countries.
He said that Imran Khan is the only Prime Minister of the country, who was removed from power in a constitutional and legal manner.

After it’s removal as prime minister, he ( Imran Khan) staged drama cipher and foreign conspiracy narrative. Sharjeel Memon said that his fake drama also exposed in recent audio leaks, inwhich he was asking his principal secretary not to name the country on the cipher issue, later Imran Khan himself named America in public gathering.

He said that Imran Khan had advised his followers to surround the house and hang ‘ lootas ‘ at house of those members of national assembly involved in selling their loyalties. But recent audio leak has proved that Imran Khan himself purchased the loyalties of 5 members.

He asked ‘ how much money was spent to buy the loyalties of 5 members and from where that money had been arranged. ” Was it Shaukat Khanum’s donation money, BRT Peshawar money or Billion Tree Tsunami money? the minister asked. He said that the matter must be investigated thoroughly as a criminal has confessed to the crime.

The provincial minister appealed to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and the entire judiciary of the country to immediately take legal action against Imran Khan and conduct a forensic audit of these audio leaks. ‘ I request Honourable courts to take notice of this matter even on Monday if not Saturday or Sunday’, he added and said mini-trail of this matter should be revealed and a high-level JIT may be formed on it.

He said that Imran Khan is the only person who reads Tasbih 24 hours and keeps telling lies 24 hours.Imran Khan is trying to be fake Maulvi and issuing fatwas. He was of view that this fraudulent person was imposed on the country which turned out to be the worst nightmare for the country. The minister well come PTI and it’s chief to launch jail filling movement and offered him every facility at prisons of Sindh province if he ( Imran Khan) was afraid of Punjab’ s jails. He added that except powder, Sindh’s jail are ready to host Imran Khan.

He said that every one has difference of opinion but , this fraudulent person has corrupted the system of the country. Imran Khan has launched campaign to malign the state institutions and it’s heads . In response to a question, he said that it is very unfortunate that a non-bailable arrest warrants has been issued against our interior minister. On the street crime in Karachi, he said that if there is a better police in the whole of Pakistan, it is the police of Sindh. He said that before the Pakistan People’s Party came to power , the law and order situation of the province had been in worst condition. vehicles used to run in convoy in conveys on the highways.

The Sindh government of Pakistan People’s Party has brought the law and order under control. He said that sindh police had ditected the high profile cases like safroon tragedy.

He said that Police is taking serious actions to control street crimes in the city. He said that he has received a report of successful action of the Sindh Police, which he will revealed in the press conference tomorrow (Sunday). On the question of local bodies elections in Karachi, he said that the Sindh government is ready for the elections from day one but it postponed due to rains.

He said that the police are currently engaged in relief operations. If there was no flood situation, police force from all over Sindh would have been deployed to help Karachi Police. He added that local bodies elections are street elections. Security has to ensured at every polling stations. He said : our priority at this time should be to help the flood victims.

He said that Sindh government had approached Election Commission on the basis of genuine grounds. He added that opponents does not waste opportunity to criticize the Sindh government which is performing its best at serving the people of the province. He said that there is no problem if the local bodies elections are delayed for 3 or 4 months.