PTI become voice of every citizen: KP CM

F.P. Report

PESHAWAR: Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mahmood Khan has said that merit, transparency, rule of law and provision of services to people at their doorsteps are among the top priorities of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf manifesto and the provincial government has taken practical steps towards its realization by holding free, fair and impartial local bodies elections making Khyber Pakhtunkhwa the first ever province in which local representatives have been empowered through devolution of powers.

Addressing PTI tehsil mayors and chairmen from various regions of the province, the Chief Minister emphasized that everyone should have to fulfill his responsibility within the institutional jurisdiction. “We all are part of this society and we have to run this newly established system through a joint strategy” he remarked.

The Chief Minister stated that accountability has been ensured through devolution of powers which is of prime importance because accountability is a key component for good governance.

Accountability not only ensures that people are aware of their respective roles but also motivates them to be more responsible and pro-active. Mahmood Khan clarified that the political landscape of the country has changed and it has become clear that corrupt political parties have nothing for the betterment of common citizens are are plunging the country further into abyss through incompetence, corruption, indifference and selfish political interests.

He maintained that these political goons are now engaged in futile efforts for their political survival adding that the upcoming true independence march to be led by Imran Khan will determine the future of the nation and rid the country of selfish lobbies. He reiterated that everyone would have to play proactive role in order to make this march a turning point in the history of Pakistani nation. Mahmood Khan said that PTI’s political rivals are not representative of Pakistanis and they would not have any role in future politics.

PTI has become the voice of every citizen owing to it’s sincere and dynamic leadership. Touching upon the welfare measures taken by his government, the Chief Minister said that the extension of Sehat Insaf Card to cent percent population of the province, launching Kisan Card and providing monthly honorarium to Aima Masajid are some of the landmark initiatives of the incumbent provincial government that have addressed the long-standing issues of people who have been ignored previously.

He said that keeping in view the basic needs, food card will also be launched in the province soon. Apart from this, the provincial government is also planning to introduce education card, which will benefit about 240000 students in higher education institutions, he concluded.