Former UK medical student-turned-Daesh fighter wants to ‘face justice’ in Britain

LONDON (Agencies): An imprisoned former medical student from the UK who traveled to Syria to join Daesh has said that he hopes to return to Britain to “face justice,” the Daily Mail reported.

Ibrahim Ageed, 29, joined the terror group in 2015 aged 21, together with his brother, Mohammed, who was 23.

The pair left their final-year studies at the University of Medical Sciences and Technology in Leicester to travel to Turkiye and then Syria.

Ageed was captured and imprisoned after the collapse of Daesh in Syria and Iraq, and has spent the past four years in northeast Syria’s Al-Sina prison.

His story is similar to that of Shamima Begum, 23, who left London aged 15 with two school friends to join the terror group.

In an interview, Ageed claimed that it was his “right” to return to Britain, warning that Daesh “could make a comeback.”

He said: “I believe I’ll be subjected to the justice system, but I’m ready to face the music and I believe it’s my right, basically, to go back home.”

Ageed described being “completely isolated” while imprisoned, saying that people initially joined Daesh from around the world because they had “lost hope.”

He added: “Whether you can completely rid the world of these groups is a very difficult task.”