Four kids among six die of diseases at flood relief camps

F.P. Report

KARACHI: The problems of the flood-hit people in Sindh are yet to diminish, for the spread of diseases in the relief camps continues.

As per the official health sources, six more people including four children have lost their lives to different diseases in the flood-affected areas of Sindh.

Reportedly, a child died due to the spread of viral diseases in Larkana. A man died of malaria in Thal. Another three-year-old child died of malaria in Tangwani. Two children died of malaria and gastroenteritis in Qubo Saeed Khan.

In Hyderabad district, a decrease has been recorded in the spread of diseases in relief camps. During the last 24 hours, 37 people fell a victim to diarrhea in the relief campus. Earlier, 109 cases of diarrhea had been reported 48 hours ago.

Moreover, 64 flood victims fell a victim to skin diseases at the relief camps, and four cases of eye infection had also been reported.

During the last 24 hours, no confirmed case of malaria had been reported, whereas, 80 people fell a victim to respiratory infection.

As many as 191 people became of a victim of various other diseases, whereas, 449 people had been given medical treatment during the last 24 hours.

On the other hand, dengue has also strengthened its grip in Tangwani, for the area has reported three cases of dengue virus.

The dengue patients have been referred to the hospitals of Sukkur due to the lack of facilities in the local hospitals. The spread of dengue and other diseases has picked up pace in the areas where the floodwater is yet to drain.

The authorities are unable to control the spread of diseases, and people are turning to private hospitals for treatment. The spread of dengue has also sent a wave of fear among locals.

They have demanded that the authorities concerned take immediate notice of the situation and ensure better healthcare in the area.

Meanwhile, the Pakistani nation continues providing aid to the flood-hit people.

According to the National Flood Response Coordination Centre (NFRCC), 11,452 tonnes of food items have been collected so far. Among the collected items, there are 2020 tonnes of essential items and 13526,522 medicines.

As far as the distribution of relief items is concerned, 11,334 tonnes of food and 1,993 tonnes of other essential items have been distributed so far. Besides, medical aid camps across the country are providing treatment to the flood-hit people.

Pakistan Army Aviation Corps has so far evacuated 4,659 flood victims through helicopters. Relief camps and collection points are fully operational. Pakistan Army has established 147 relief camps and 157 collection points of relief items.

Also, Pakistan Navy has established four flood relief coordination centers and 18 central collection points for flood victims. Pakistan Navy has also distributed 1,961 tonnes of ration, 6,919 tents and 739,118 liters of water in different districts. At least 23 emergency response teams of Pakistan Navy have also been deployed.

Moreover, Pakistan Air Force (PAF) has distributed 6,619 tents and 674,511 food packages. The PAF has also distributed ration and clean drinking water. As many as 76,786 patients were treated at 46 medical camps. At least 19,807 people are living in 20 camps of the PAF.