Gastro death toll rises to 16 in Sukkur

F.P. Report

SUKKUR: A 5-year-old child died due to the uncontrollable gastroenteritis in Sukkur, taking the toll to 16 in the city and its surroundings on Saturday, while the condition of 25 more children is critical across the district. 

The outbreak of gastroenteritis hit hard the flood-stricken people in the Sukkur. As per report, the death toll is rising with each passing day in Tehsil Salehpat of Sukkur and its surroundings due to gastroenteritis.

A 5-year-old child name Muhaaf s/o Saddam Khorkhani, lost his life in Shehbaz Dinu village of Salehpat.

The water-borne disease has so far claimed 16 lives of children in the aforementioned tehsil, while more than 25 children suffering from gastroenteritis, are under treatment in the hospitals and said to be in critical condition. 

Furthermore, gastroenteritis claimed two more lives of children in Pano Aqil tehsil of Sukkur. The deceased were the children of a laborer, Bhagwan Das. The death toll is expected to increase in coming days.

However, District Health Officer (DHO) Jameel Mehar visited the areas of Salehpat and ensured the locals all the provisions of medical facilities.