Girls taking up tailoring due to education ban

JALALABAD CITY (TOLOnews): Following the ban on female education in the country, girls in Nangarhar province have turned to tailoring.
They urged the Islamic Emirate to reopen schools and universities to female students in the new academic year.
Maryam, a student at the School of Economics, said that she turned to tailoring to support her family when universities banned female students.
“I graduated from university, but now that women are banned from working, that’s why I came here to learn sewing,” Maryam said.
“They should give us an education and open our schools and universities,” said Sili, a student.
Nazia is the sole breadwinner of a family with13 members. She asked the Islamic Emirate to reopen schools and universities for girls in the new academic year.
“They should help the widows and reopen schools for girls,” Nazia said.
The officials of this tailoring center said that 150 students, most of whom are female students, are learning at the center.
“The clothes we gave to these women to prepare, and sell, are worth 2 lahks Afghani and this program will continue,” said Abdul Raziq Hamdard, head of the tailoring center.
Meanwhile, the local officials of Nangarhar talk about efforts to reopen schools and universities for girls.
“We hope that in the future, the Islamic Emirate will take measures to provide education opportunities for our sisters,” said Farhad Ahmad Stankzai, the spokesperson of Nangarhar Education Department.
Universities in the country’s colder provinces reopened on the 15th of Hoot (Solar calendar) without any female students present. The new academic year will also start in all the country in two weeks, but it is unclear whether or not girls who are above sixth grade will be permitted to attend classes.