Gorgeous Aima Baig promotes Balochi culture in her new look

F.P. Report

LAHORE: Gorgeous pop singer Aima Baig took to her Instagram handle and shared a BTS video of herself in Balochi look.

In the BTS video, she was dressed up in Balochi attire for her upcoming collaborative song with Sahir Ali Bagga “Washmallay.”

While sharing her Balochi look, Aima Baig also wrote in her Instagram story: “I wanted to made this song as a tribute to the Balochi culture, their meethi language, their beautiful traditional customs and to celebrate their rich culture of our largest province. You may criticize me for a lot of things “rightly so” lol but I have always supported to our own culture let it be Punjabi or Saraiki etc. I personally think that this song is long overdue for us privileged individuals to promote our long neglected and forgotten regions and cultures.”

The ‘Malang’ singer expressed her love for the remote province (Baluchistan) that is not being promoted in Pakistan and said that she personally wanted to highlight the ignored province of its country.

The ‘Item number’ singer was looking super stunning in her black short ‘Choli’ along with ‘Ghagra’ which was beautifully embroidered and providing the picture of Baloch culture.

She also accessorized herself with pure traditional jewelry to complete her look.

It is pertinent to note that the vocalist Aima Baig has performed numerous Saraiki and Punjabi songs including Chan Ve, Tereiyan, Sab Pakistani Milty Hain and Te-Quiero- Muncho. She promoted the several traditional languages of other cultures through performing at different platforms. People love her performances and appreciate her heartily.