Govt trying to control economic situation: Sana

F.P. Report

FAISALABAD: Federal Interior Minister Rana Sana Ullah Khan said that the PTI commitments with International Monetary Fund (IMF) had sandwiched Pakistan between the devil and deep sea, however, the present government was trying its optimum best to control the situation perpetrated due to harsh conditions of the IMF.

Addressing the inaugural ceremony of a new NADRA Center near Painsara on Jhang Road here on Saturday evening, he said that the PTI government first inked documents with IMF and then backed out from its commitments which landed Pakistan into a very in alarming situation. “If present government tries to fulfill the harsh conditions of IMF, it jacks up the inflation and price spiral coupled with economic set back. If we back out from these conditionalities, then our economic survival will become next to impossible and even our friendly countries cannot extend financial help to us”, he added.

He said that some elements were intentionally creating uncertainty for their ulterior political motives. Their propaganda was practically double-edged sword as they wanted to create problems for the sitting government in addition to pushing Pakistan towards bankruptcy. “However, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif along with his economic team is making sincere efforts to overcome this situation and hopefully the people will hear a good news very soon near future”, he added.

He said that during the period of Nawaz Sharif, the growth rate was as high as 6.2 per cent. Dollar was stable at Rs 105. Similarly the prices of electricity and gas were stable and affordable for the common people. He said that at that time the global economic analysts were optimistic that Pakistan was progressing satisfactorily but an incompetent person was clamped on Pakistan who reversed the economic gains of the PMLN government.

The minister said that the only objective of this incompetent person was to malign the opposition and he was fully involved in political engineering. During his tenure, false and unfounded cases were instituted against his political opponents but not even a single case was proved in the court of law. Without naming Imran Khan, the minister termed him as an absolute liar and said, “He was blaming that I have murdered 20 people. He was enjoying full powers in federal and provincial governments. He was in a position to prove myself guilty of these allegations but he used it just as a tool of political maligning and hence he was forced to get registered yet another false heroin case against me”.

“This person is hoodwinking the masses especially the youth. He is promoting culture of abusive language, hate and obscenity. The people must reject him with their vote power as the country may face any mishap if he usurped the power again through illegal means”, the minister added. Rana Sana Ullah said that Wazirabad attach was a personal deed of a person who was apprehended then and there and he also confessed the crime but PTI was making false propaganda of three culprits only to keep this case alive for their political maneuvering.
He said that a NADRA Center had been established in Painsara while he was trying to setup other centers in Aminpur Bungalow and Ramdewali Sargodha Road besides increasing 3-4 times capacity of Main Centre Faisalabad to facilitate the people. He said that identity card was the basic need of every individual and this facility would be provided to them at their doorstep. (APP)