Graduates call for girls’ education

KABUL (TOLOnews): Some graduates of medical school, on their graduation day, asked the Islamic Emirate to reopen schools and universities for girls immediately.
According to the graduates, girls also have the right to education and their time should not be wasted.
“There were also girls with us during this period, unfortunately, after the Islamic Emirate took over girls were banned from universities,” said Ahmadullah, graduate student.
“In a society, we need female and male doctors,” said Mohammad Mustafa, a graduate student.
Meanwhile, some of the family members of the graduate students who participated in the ceremony said that they hope that one day their daughters will get the graduation certificate along with the boys.
“We all want to reopen schools and universities for girls and for girls to also get their diplomas along with the boys,” said Dawood, a Paktia resident.
“We call on higher education to allow girls to go to schools and universities because we need female doctors,” said Baraktullah Takal, a Paktia resident.
Meanwhile, the deputy minister of Higher Education said in the graduation ceremony that concerning the matter they will act according to the decision of the leadership of the Islamic Emirate.
“It is clear to everyone that it is suspended until the second order, when we have the second order, schools will start on that date,” said Lutfullah Khairkhwa.
According to the information provided by officials, 146 people graduated from the medical school of Paktia University, but there were no female graduates among them.