Increase in cancer cases in Western Afghanistan

HERAT (Khaama Press): The number of patients seeking cancer treatment in Afghanistan’s western region has increased by 30%, according to doctors at a cancer treatment facility in Herat province.
They said that among 4,000 cancer patients, 50 per cent of them were women during the last year.
Among 1,000 of these patients or 50 per cent of the women, had breast cancer, according to the director of the cancer centre, Dr Farooq Ahamad Sidiqi.
“Almost out of every two cases of women that come to us, one case is breast cancer. This statistic has increased compared to the past. We need to know ways to diagnose and treat,” said Sidiqi.
According to him, most women are unaware of the symptoms of breast cancer, which causes them to wait until the disease has advanced before seeking medical treatment.
However, women who have breast cancer complain bitterly about their financial difficulties and claim they cannot receive treatment.
On the other hand, due to a lack of diagnostic facilities, medications, technicians and specialized doctors in the country, most patients are financially stable. They can choose neighbouring countries, for medical care.