Guotie, roti canai ranked top street food in the world

KUALA LUMPUR (Agencies): China’s guotie and Malaysia’s roti canai have been rated the top two street foods in the world, according to online travel guide TasteAtlas.

TasteAtlas, which focuses on food and features reviews as well as recommendations from culinary professionals and critics around the world, tweeted on Saturday (Feb 18) a ranking of the top 50 street foods in the world.

Guotie, which took the top place, is a pan-fried dumpling originating from Northern China that is commonly filled with minced pork, Chinese cabbage, scallions, ginger, rice wine, and sesame seed oil, according to TasteAtlas.

Coming in second is Malaysia’s savoury roti canai which is a flatbread with a soft interior that is pan-fried, commonly with ghee, to produce a crispy outer layer.

The dough, which is made with flour, water, eggs and fat, is repeatedly folded to give the flatbread a layered texture.

Also in the top 10 are Japan’s karaage which took the sixth spot, and Vietnam’s bánh mì which was in the seventh position.

Kaarage, or Japanese fried chicken, is pre-marinated chicken that is lightly coated in arrowroot starch before being deep-fried, creating a meat that is succulent on the inside and crispy on the outside.

The karaage dishes are usually seasoned with garlic and ginger and served with soy sauce on the side.

Meanwhile, bánh mì is a sandwich made up of a baguette with a delicate crust and filling that is tender, chewy, and soft with a slightly sweet flavour.

They were originally filled with meat and seasonings with no added vegetables. But these days, the choices of fillings have grown.

The ratings are decided by the site’s users. Other favourites that joined the top 50 list include China’s Shengjian mantou (pan-fried buns) (12th), Indonesia’s bubur ayam (chicken porridge) (13th), and South Korea’s hotteok (sweet pancake) (38th).