Hamza approaches LHC for bail in assets, money laundering case

LAHORE (APP): Opposition leader in Punjab Assembly Hamza Shehbaz has approached the Lahore High Court (LHC) for bail in assets beyond means and money-laundering case.
Hamza Shehbaz through the post-arrest bail petition had impleaded National Accountability Bureau (NAB) chairman and director general, stating that the bureau launched investigations against him and his family members over charges of assets beyond means and money-laundering. He submitted that the bureau arrested him on June 11, 2019 and he remained on physical remand for 84 days.
Hamza submitted that he filed the post arrest bail petition in the LHC and it was dismissed on February 20, 2020. He submitted that LHC orders were assailed through a civil petition for leave to appeal (CPLA) before the Apex court and during its pendency, NAB chairman filed reference against him and 15 other accused in the accountability court. He submitted that the reference consisted of 58 volumes and 110 prosecution witnesses were cited in the calendar.
He submitted that during the pendency of the CPLA, it transpired that certain new grounds had become available to urge before the high court after the trial court informed the Apex court that it needed 10-12 months time for conclusion of the trial in view of record and prosecution witnesses. He submitted that the CPLA was not pressed in the Apex court and it was dismissed as not pressed.
Hamza submitted that the conclusion of the trial was not within sight in the near future, hence, he was entitled to relief of bail on hardship basis. He submitted that the investigations had been completed and nothing had to be recovered from him whereas progress in trial was very slow as only 5 out of 110 witnesses had been cross examined
so far. He pleaded with the court to grant benefit of bail as his incarceration for an indefinite period was equal to punishment before the trial.