Herat rounding up large numbers of drug addicts

HERAT (TOLOnews): The counter-narcotics department in Herat said that they are collecting addicted people from across Herat province of Afghanistan.
According to this department’s statistics, more than 4,500 addicted people are being treated in addiction treatment centers in Herat.
“There are some from Iran, and the Islamic Emirate is there for them and collects them and transfers them to the treatment center,” said Hayatullah Rouhani, head of the counter-narcotics department at Herat Police Command.
According to this department, the addicted people will be returned to their families after treatment.
Meanwhile, some addicts demand more opportunities.
“I am tired of my situation I don’t want to use drugs anymore and there was nobody to help me,” said Nazar Mohammad, an addicted person.
“We are tired of being addicted, it has been four years that I am in this situation,” said Salim, an addicted person.
Meanwhile, doctors said that gathering these addicts prevents the spread of many diseases in society.
“They were suffering from respiratory diseases and some of them were suffering from incurable diseases,” said Ahmad Khapalwak, a doctor.