Honda Atlas races up car prices once again

F.P. Report

KARACHI: After motorcycles, Honda Atlas has also increased the prices of the cars.

The company said the increase in the value of the dollar against the rupee had negative effects on the cost of the manufacturing while the changing business conditions are also having negative effects.

The company said the price of vehicles has been increased due to an increase in sales tax.

The company has increased the price on various models by Rs250,000 to Rs.550,000.

The price of City Manual 1.2 increased by Rs250,000 to Rs45,79,000.

The price of City 1.2 CVT increased by Rs260,000 to Rs47,29,000.

The price of City 1.5 CVT increased by Rs300,000 to Rs54,19,000.

The price of BRV CVT increased by Rs300,000 to Rs59,49, 000.

The price of Civic 1.5 CVT increased by Rs450,000 to Rs77,79,000.

The price of Civic Oriel 1.5 CVT increased by Rs500,000 to Rs80,99,000.

The price of Civic model RS increased by Rs550,000 to Rs91,99,000.