Hospital opened for mentally
ill patients in Nangarhar

JALALABAD (TOLOnews): A hospital that contains 150 beds to serve and treat mentally ill patients has been opened in Nangarhar province.
Officials in this hospital said that this hospital will treat the eastern region of the country.
“For this building, we have considered a capacity of around 150 patients,” said Hayatullah, head of the eastern Red Crescent.
According to officials, the process of treating 60 mental patients has begun in the hospital and their treatment will be continued until they are fully recovered.
“We are happy here, the doctors are here and help us and now my health is better than in the past,” said Nabiullah, a patient.
“They gave us shoes, jumpers, and other clothes, and they take care of us properly here,” said Hamed Gul, a patient.
Meanwhile, some Nangarhar residents demand more mental health centers for mental patients.
“The program, which is being carried out by Red Crescent, should be extended to all provinces, districts, and villages,” said Gul Ahmad a Nangarhar resident.
“Most of our mental patients roam the streets and people have bad thoughts about them,” said Azad Khan, a Nangarhar resident.
“We have the plan to build health centers in seven zones that have been identified by the Red Crescent,” said Matiulhaq Khalis, head of the Red Crescent.
Previously, mental health hospitals were active just in Kabul and Herat provinces.