Tip to keep your eyes safe while using digital devices

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ISLAMABAD: Nowadays life is going digital as people mostly spend their time on mobiles or computer screens either for the leisure sake or for job purposes.

However, the continuous usage of mobiles or screens can lead to complications regarding your sight.

They could be:

1: Visual impairment and increase in the number of lenses

2: Frequent irritation in the eyes

3: Dry eyes

4: Eye heaviness, stretching or pain

5: Blurred vision

6: Pain in the head, neck or shoulders

7: Near vision hard to come by

So it is necessary while using your digital device, adhere to this precious advice

1) Take a break every 20 minutes, look away from the computer screen for 20 seconds and take a 15 minute break to protect the eyes at least every two hours.

2) Blink your eyes after every five minutes.

3) Ensure limited use of mobile phones in children.

4) Use Eye Comfort option in mobile.

5) Use anti-glare glasses in the lens to maximize the use of the screen.

6) Keep the font size bigger in case of symptoms of eye complaint.

7) Maintain proper sitting distance and screen distance.

8) Spend 1 to 2 hours daily in open air.

9) Prefer spending time with people during social interaction rather than using mobile phones.

10) Stretch your legs after working every 10 minutes