Huma Qureshi is about to ‘sue’ Anurag Kashyap

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Huma Qureshi took to her Instagram stories and playfully teased Amit Trivedi, Anurag Kashyap for stealing her song. To which Anurag Kashyap replied, ‘Never released it.’

She shared a clip from Anurag’s upcoming love drama Almost Pyaar With DJ Mohabbat and wrote, ‘I am suing Amit Trivedi and Anurag Kashyap.’ Anurag reposted it and wrote, ‘Hahaha and never releasing it.’

Anurag gave Huma her first break in industry. She was seen in Gangs of Wasseypur and nailed the role she did.

Talking about Almost Pyaar with DJ Mohabbat, Anurag said, “It’s a true labour of love with some amazing young actors, great energy, great music by Amit Trivedi with the help of some amazing collaborators like my DP Sylvester and my PD Shazia plus everyone else.

It’s my going back to my constant exploration of relationships vis a vis the generation which actually defines us and is our future. It’s about love and all kinds of prejudices that plagues it. I feel great to move to the next phase of my life with this film.”