Hunting of rare animals,
birds worries Farah Residents

FARAH (TOLOnews): Many Farah province residents expressed their concern with the hunting of rare animals and birds in the province.
Although it is prohibited to hunt rare animals and birds in the nation, a video that TOLOnews received shows that people hunting rare animals in the province of Farah.
“When birds are hunted, one thing is the extinction of animals and the other is that we lose our natural beauty,” Abdul Karim, a resident of Farah, told TOLOnews.
“Hunting the animals brings a lot of sorrow, and we feel that it is preferable if this hunting is stopped,” said Waheed, a resident of Farah. Local officials of Farah said that eight people were arrested for the hunting of animals and birds in the past month.
“We have arrested seven to eight people in Anar Dara and Khaki Safed districts of the province,” said Abdulhai Sabawon, director of information and culture of Farah.
However, representatives of the Qatari foundation Al-Gharafa in Farah said they are considering a release of deer into the wild.
More than 350 deer are bred by the Qatari foundation Al-Gharafa on a farm in the province of Farah.
“We need a secure location to let them out. We may release the deer in that region if the government works with us and designates a location, said Fazl Ahmad, a veterinarian with the Al-Gharafa foundation.
Although the generation of some species of wildlife in the country are in danger of going extinct, nothing fundamental has been done to stop it.