Special guards to be apointed to protect relics in Herat

HERAT (Agencies): The Ministry of National Defense, delegation visiting, says that the Ministry will appoint special guards to protect the historical sites of the province.
An official of the Ministry of Defense, Mohibullah Habib, in a meeting with Mawlavi Naeem-ul Haq Haqqani, the head of Herat’s information and culture, said that he has visited all the historical sites in this province and guards will be appointed for the portion of the sites.
The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan pays special attention to the preservation of historical sites in the country he said.
Meanwhile, the head of Herat’s information and culture, welcoming the ministry of defense for protecting Herat’s historical sites demanded more attention from the central authorities to preserve the historical sites of Herat.
According to the department, currently, there are a handful of guards to protect more than 700 historical sites in Herat.