IEA officials meets Uzbek delegation in Hairatan Port

KABUL (Agencies): The delegations of Afghanistan and Uzbekistan held a joint meeting on security and border issues.
The meeting, which was held in the Hairatan port of Balkh province, discussed about the better security of the common border of both sides, addressing the challenges, necessary coordination, strengthening the relations between the border forces and other issues.
Both sides agreed that they will address their problems through dialogue and will prevent the possibility of any border violations in the future.
In the meeting, the border commanders of the northern zone from Afghanistan side, led by the commander of the 6th border brigade of 209 Al-Fateh Corps, Mawlawi Mansoor Jawed, and the border authorities of the country from Uzbekistan, led by the commander of the border brigade, Colonel Khaleeq Nazar Yaldar.
It must be said that a joint meeting was held between the border officials of Afghanistan and Uzbekistan on the 4th of this solar year.