University student teaches 200 girls

KABUL (TOLOnews): About 200 female students from the city of Pul e Khumri, the center of Baghlan province, who have been denied the opportunity to attend school, were provided the chance to learn the tailoring profession by Angiza Hilal Akbari, a student at the Baghlan University Journalism Faculty, in cooperation with some of her friends.
Akbari says that the establishment of this educational facility is aimed at ensuring the future self-sufficiency of the Afghan girls.
“They are the ones who do the actual struggle; in this kind of situation, while the school’s gates are closed to them, yet they come to learn again with lots of excitement, interest and optimism,” said Angiza Hilal Akbari, director of the educational center.
Meanwhile, some of the girls being trained in the center said they are intending in order to make up some of their studies after being banned from attending school.
“Six members of our family are studying here in the school. You should think that six people from one family are left without a future,” said Asma Niazi, a student. “Here we teach the female students to learn something and make money,” said Samina Mohammad, an instructor at the center.
Some of the teachers at this institution asked the Islamic Emirate to reopen girls’ schools across the country.
However, the deputy of the Baghlan Department of Education said that all facilities are in place for the province’s girls’ schools to reopen.
“We also hope that girls’ schools from the seventh grade up to the twelfth grade will be reopened in Baghlan province,” said Sarajuddin Sadat, deputy of the Baghlan department of education.
According to the Baghlan department of education’s figures, the province has more than 50 high schools for girls, with close to 100,000 female students. However, this number has now dropped.