IHC allows Polish women to meet their children in custody case

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: While adjourning further hearing of kids’ custody case filed by two Polish women till Wednesday (today), the Islamabad High Court (IHC) has ordered to keep the two children in the Polish Embassy.

Justice Mohsin Akhtar Kayani heard the case. Both Polish women, their Pakistani husband, and the Polish Embassy officials appeared before the court for the case hearing. “I willingly brought the children to Pakistan. Only because of the religion our relations got damaged. They both used to take the children to the church,” the Pakistani husband of the two polish women told the court.

“I have a big business in Poland. I used to help these two women a lot. I can also abandon the Polish citizenship for my children,” he added.

“You should keep the Polish citizenship. You should go there and raise your children,” the court asked him.
“The mosque is 300 kilometers away from my residence,” he replied.

“You are the owner of so many restaurants that you can build a mosque near your house,” the court added.

The TLTP learnt that the lawyer told the court that the Pakistani husband was Muslim while his Polish wives were Christian. “He has a son, Muhammad Ahmad, from Polish woman Iza Nawa and a daughter from another Polish woman Johanna,” he added.

“He had married Polish woman Johanna on October 29, 2005, and the marriage ended in a divorce on February 28, 2017. A daughter was born in 2012 from the wedlock,” the lawyer further informed the court.

“He contracted Nikah with Iza Nawa because the second marriage cannot be registered in Poland. A son was born in 2015 from the wedlock,” he added.

When asked, both the Polish women refused to meet their Pakistani husband. He told the court that he had obtained Polish citizenship in 2012.

He also claimed that he had come to Pakistan in August 2021 with 18-day legal permission from the mothers of the two children. The permission letter to bring the children to Pakistan was also produced before the court.

“Both the children attend school in Poland. They are the citizens of Poland, and their stay in Pakistan is over,” the lawyer told the court.
“The children should be brought to the court again tomorrow. The court will decide after hearing more arguments,” the court said and ordered to submit passports of both children and that of the Pakistani husband to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA). The court then adjourned further hearing of the case till Wednesday (today).(TLTP)