Large areas of landmines cleared in Paktia: Officials

PAKTIA (Agencies): Local officials of Paktia say that 100,000 acres of land in this province cleared from landmines and other unexploded materials.
With the cooperation of the police, the OMAR demining organization in Paktia started clearing lands from landmines and will continue until all mines and unexploded materials are fully cleared, local officials of the province said.
During the past nine months, the organization has cleared hundred thousand seven hundred and forty-nine acres of land in Paktia from landmines and other unexploded materials.
The districts of Aryob and Sayid Karam have been the main focus of landmines and unexploded ordnance in Paktia. The head of the OMAR demining organization, Mohammad Khalid Mullakhil said that they have discovered and neutralized or destroyed hundreds of landmines and other unexploded materials from the roadsides and around public places such as schools, and mosques.
Two demining officers of OMAR demining organization were injured, said reports. OMAR’s demining organization, in the process of discovering and destroying landmines and other unexploded materials, has informed more than five thousand citizens of Paktia about the dangers of these war tools. Landmines are still a serious threat to Afghan citizens. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has started efforts to discover and destroy landmines and other explosive materials in the corners and sides of the country.
Meanwhile, along with the demining organizations, the technical teams of the military-security units of Afghanistan have discovered and destroyed landmines and other unexploded materials in the corner and side of Afghanistan.