Indian lady reached Dir to find her love with a local youth

Haleem Asad
LOWER DIR: A 35-year old lady from Kailor Uttar Pradesh in India identified as Ms Anju Arvind Kumar, reached the Upper Dir district here the other day after his friendship with a local youth Nasrullah, 29, a resident of village Kulsho in Upper Dir on a social media platform. She crossed the Wahga border after getting a visit visa for one month restricted only to Upper Dir.
Born on 25/12/1988 in Uttar Pradesh, India, Ms Anju briefly told local journalists at Dir Khas on Sunday that she loved one Nasrullah s/o Gul Mula Khan belonging to Upper Dir and that she could not live without him. She said that first they met on facebook and their friendship turned into a deep love, after which she decided to leave the country for Pakistan. According to security officials she reached Rawalpindi on July, 22 and then her friend Nasrullah brought her to Upper Dir.
In a 40 seconds short video message through social media from Upper Dir, the 35-year old Indian lady Anju Arvind Kumar clarified that she had legally travelled to Pakistan under planning. “I want to give a message to all that I have come here with planning”, she said, adding that it was not in a day or two.
M&s Anju said that she was safe here and had no difficulty. She said that her return was in processr in a way she came here in. “I am coming back in two three dayd”, she is heard as speaking.
She requested all the media organizations not to harass and disturb her relatives and children. “Anyone wishing to talk to me can contact as I am online”, she added.
The officials said, the friendship of Ms Anju and Nasrullah was being investigated. Talking to this reporter on the phone, one of the officials said that he could not say anything about their marriage. The Upper Dir district police officer Mushtaq Khan told local journalists that the lady was being investigated with utmost care. He said that she travelled to the area legally as she had all relevant travel documents. The DPO said the lady would be presented to the media once she was cleared. A local journalist said that the lady was avoiding the media and that he had not much information about the matter. He said that several journalists rushed to the house of Nasrullah when the news about her arrival went viral on social media but they were told the lady was not present at home.
The woman belonging to Christian faith, is stated to be a divorcee and it is her first visit to Pakistan. The man is a permanent resident of Kulshu village in Upper Dir and he has done his BSc from Dir college and working as a medical rap.
According to an Indian writer Anupam Shukla, Arvid Kumar, husband of the lady that before leaving home, Anju told him she was going to visit her friend in Jaipur.
Mr Kumar told an Indian news agency that later he got a voice message from her telling him that she was in Lahore, Pakistan. Anju’s husband said that she had no information how she got a visa and how she visited Pakistan.