‘Indian media reported flood alert in Ravi river during 2022 monsoon’

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: Adviser to PM for Kashmir & GB, Qamar Zaman Kaira on Tuesday said that during the current monsoon season, a flood alert was reported in Indian media regarding the release of 200,000 cusecs flows in the river Ravi.

Speaking in the Senate Session during the question hour, he said that Pakistan Commissioner for Indus Waters (PCIW) approached the Indian Commissioner for Indus Waters (ICIW) on 31st July 2022 to validate the said news and asked to share the flow/discharge information in this regard to take preventive/mitigation measures in Pakistan.

The ICIW in his response, dated 1st August 2022, intimated about the flow of 140,000 cusecs, likely to be released in the river Ravi downstream of Ujh Barrage on the river which is a right bank tributary of river Ravi, he informed.

Later, however, the flows observed and reported by Pakistani Punjab Irrigation Department in river Ravi at Jassar were reported as 33,850 cusecs, he added. Similarly, he said, in the second instance the information was shared by India on 15th August 2022 whereby it was intimated that the flow of 171,797 cusecs has been released downstream of Ujh Barrage in river Ravi.

The corresponding river flows observed and reported by Punjab Irrigation Department in Ravi at Jassar was 63,720 cusecs, Qamar informed.

The information supplied by India in the above two instances was shared by the office of PCIW with all the quarters concerned for taking preventive measures including the flood forecasting division, federal and provincial flood disaster and response agencies/departments, etc, Kaira added. (APP)