India’s call for coherent response to defeat terrorism misleading

ISLAMABAD (INP): India’s so-called claim of the need of a coherent response to defeat terrorism in Africa is nothing but a misleading statement as New Delhi itself has been employing state sponsored terrorism to suppress the freedom struggle in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir and is also involved in sponsoring and abetting terrorist activities in Pakistan.
During a UN Security Council debate on ‘Counterterrorism in Africa: An imperative for peace, security and development’, India’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Ruchira Kamboj, said, “A strong, effective and coherent response that reflects the international community’s collective commitment to defeat terrorism is essential in Africa as elsewhere.” “Terrorist groups in Africa continue to target civilians and peacekeeping forces, across conflict zones. Sadly, the worst recipients of their atrocities have been women, children and vulnerable sections of the population,” Kamboj added.
It is ironic that on one side, India is calling for a coherent response to defeat terrorism in Africa, but on the other, New Delhi itself is resorting to state terrorism to brutally suppress the people of IIOJK for demanding their inalienable right to self-determination. Leave aside the Kashmiris, India’s own minorities are also victims of its state-sponsored terrorism. Not only this, Indian intelligence agencies are also financing and carrying out terrorist activities in Pakistan with the aim of destabilizing the country. It is widely known that before Taliban took over Afghanistan in August 2021, Indian embassy and its consulates operating in Afghanistan had become hubs of terror sponsorship against Pakistan.
Time and again, Pakistan has provided concrete proof of Indian involvement in financing, sponsoring and carrying out terror activities in Pakistan using terrorist organizations like Bloch Liberation Army and Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan. It has even shared a dossier with the UN and its five permanent members – the US, China, Russia, Britain and France – to impress upon India to halt its terrorist actives inside Pakistan. The fact of the matter is that India is the main sponsor, financer and abettor of terrorism in the south Asia region, and it is time for the world to tell New Delhi unequivocally to shun its hegemonic and terror policy and resolve the issues on the table of negotiation for achieving sustainable and durable peace in the region.