Instagram also likely to introduce paid ‘blue tick’ service

(Web Desk) – There are reports that after the micro-blogging website Twitter the blue tick service is also likely to be introduced on social sharing application Instagram in exchange for money.
At present blue tick is provided only to those personalities on Instagram who are well-known personalities of their fields and similarly the accounts of those organizations who share their information with the organization and they are also known are declared verified.
The news of Instagram providing blue ticks for money comes at a time when Twitter is ready to expand its service to other countries including Pakistan.
Technology website TechCrunch said that developers have seen the feature of providing blue tick service on Instagram for quick money but the feature is not currently available on the application.
It is reported that after the blue tick service is offered on Instagram for money its owner company Meta will also introduce the service of providing blue tick for money on other platforms and especially Facebook.
The feature of providing blue tick service for money on Instagram is likely to take at least 6 months to introduce it.
It is likely that the monthly fee of this feature will be kept from $5 to $8.