Installation of Conical Baffle: SNGPL to initiate door to door survey

F.P. Report

KARACHI: In line with the Prime Minister of Pakistan’s Energy Conservation Plan, OGRA has made installation of Conical Baffle in conventional gas geysers mandatory for domestic gas consumers.

In this regard, OGRA has approved gas utilities request to undertake mandatory installations of Conical Baffles. A public hearing in this respect was held at OGRA Head Office in Islamabad.

The installation of Conical Baffles will result in 20 to 25% saving in gas bills and will as such help in mitigating the ongoing natural gas crisis in the country.

SNGPL teams will shortly be initiating door to door survey of gas consumers premises to ensure that conical baffles are installed in the geysers.

SNGPL will install conical baffle if any consumer is found to be using gas geyser without conical baffle. Cost against the same will be recovered through gas bill in 12 monthly installments.

Sui Northern Gas has requested the consumers to extend maximum cooperation for early installation of Conical Baffles which will result in substantial gas savings for the consumers.

This will lead to conservation of Natural Gas in line with the vision of the Honourable Prime Minister of Pakistan’s plan on energy conservation.