Iran refuses to install IAEA cameras in Keredj

MOSCOW (TASS): Iranian authorities will not install International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) cameras at a facility in the city of Qurj because of a sabotage attempt there in the summer and reject all US cl-aims. This was announced on Tuesday upon arrival in Moscow by the Vice-President of the Isla-mic Republic and the head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Eslami.
“Their [Americans] insistent demands to install cameras in places affected by terrorist actions represent support for the very act of sabotage against Iran. We will never agree with this,” IRNA quotes him . The politician added that “the United States has no right to treat the Iranian nation in this way.”
According to him, “[Iran and the IAEA] have agreed at the request of an international agency to replace memory cards on surveillance cameras, but it is clear that [the agreement] does not include objects that have been subjected to a terrorist attack.” “It is a pity that the IAEA, under pressure from the United States and Israel, is pursuing an electoral policy that is irrational,” Eslami said.
On Monday, Reuters , citing a statement by the American side on the occasion of the meeting of the IAEA Board of Governors, reported US criticism of the Iranian side. In particular, Washington demands that Iran allow IAEA inspectors to monitor the nuclear facility in the city of Kerj, otherwise the United States intends to use the Board of Governors of the atomic agency to retaliate against Tehran.
On September 26, the IAEA released a report stating that Tehran did not allow agency inspectors to visit the facility in Keredj for the production of centrifuge components. According to the agency, this action contradicts the terms of a joint statement published on September 12 by IAEA Director General Rafael Grossi and AEOI head Eslami. However, according to the Iranian side, the agreement under the joint statement does not include surveillance equipment (cameras) at the facility in Qerj, as an investigation into sabotage in June at this facility is underway.
On June 23, Press TV reported that security forces had prevented a sabotage attempt at the AEOI facility in Keredj. According to the Iranian side, the incident did not result in casualties or material damage.