Iranian FM Zarif meets Mullah Baradar, stands by to facilitate peace talks

F.P. Report

TEHRAN: Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Sunday held a meeting with the Taliban delegation in Tehran headed by Mullah Baradar.

In this highly significant meeting, Foreign Minister Zarif conveyed Taliban delegations that Iran is standing by to facilitate dialog among Taliban, Afghan Government, and other Afghan groups. Zarif also expressed hopes for complete the restoration of peace, the pretext for occupation will come to an end in Afghanistan.

Taliban delegation was headed by Mulla Baradar. In this meeting they reiterated their stance saying that, political decisions cannot take place in a vacuum.

Need for formation of an all-inclusive government in a participatory process was also highlighted and with taking into account the structures, institutions, and basic laws, such as the constitution.

Iranin Foreign Minister Zarif expressed high hopes regarding end to pain of the people of Afghanistan and peace will be restored as soon as possible. He remarked that, the good people of Afghanistan have been oppressed and the occupation has severely harmed them.

Referring to the U.S actions in Central Asia, Foreign Minister Zarif said, “Washington is not a good mediator and peace broker”.

At the commencement of the meeting, the delegation of Taliban gave a report of the peace process and Afghan-Afghan talks to the Iranian delegation.

During the meeting Taliban delegation stressed that the relations between Iran and Afghanistan have always been based on friendship and good-neighborliness. They were also hopeful for restoration of peace that will expand the ties more than before.

Mentioning Daesh (ISIS) in Afghanistan and the region, Mulla Baradar added that the formation of an all-inclusive government with all the ethnicities and political groups in Afghanistan is a necessity for the establishment of peace in Afghanistan.

Mulla Baradar expressed contentment over the intra-Afghan talks.

Looking into the past days, Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Ali Sham-khani informed Baradar that the Islamic Republic will never recognize any entity that grabs power in Afghanistan through war and armed conflict.

Shamkhani also emphasized on the need for the participation of all ethnic Afghan groups in the future of their country in a completely peaceful manner.

While mentioning security of region, Shamkhani stated that Iran links paramount importance to the security of Afghanistan, especially in the provinces bordering Iran and he also called for Taliban’s cooperation with the Afghan government regarding Daesh operations in the country.

On the other side, Mullah Baradar briefed Shamkhani on the peace process in war-torn Afgha-nistan. While exchanging views, Mullah Baradar noted the unfulfilled promises of the administration of former US president Donald Trump.

Mullah Baradar and his aide arrived in Tehran on Tuesday to discuss accelerating the the peace process in Afghanistan.