Iranian trade center
inaugurates in Kabul city

KABUL (TOLOnews): A major trade center, described as a permanent exhibition, sponsored by Iran was inaugurated in the presence of Islamic Emirate officials and a newly arrived Iranian delegation in Kabul.
An Iranian delegation has also come to Kabul for the event, the Iranian govt announced.
The head of the trading center, Samana Abdullahi, said that the center will begin activities in the coming solar year 1402.
“Our presence was just to inaugurate the trade center and all of our main programs in practice will be implemented professionally in 1402 based on the needs of Afghanistan,” she said.
“This center… will provide trade, legal and economic consultations between the companies from the republic of Iran and brotherly country Afghanistan,” said Rostayee, the trade attaché of Iran’s embassy.
The acting Minister of Industry and Commerce (MoIC), Nooruddin Azizi, urged the Iranian delegation to make efforts to improve the trade facilities for the Afghan exports.
“(Featured are) Afghan commodities, particularly in the agriculture sector, including dry fruits and other products. We are trying to get good licenses for vendors of these commodities,” Azizi said.
Meanwhile, the acting head of Agriculture and Livestock, Mirwais Hajizada, said that holding such an exhibition is good for the expansion of economic relations of Afghanistan with the neighboring countries.
“Wherever the exhibition is, either in Afghanistan, Iran or Pakistan or other countries, it benefits our country. It enhances the economic relations of our country, but on condition that the imports should not be at equal level to the production inside the country,” he said.
The trade center of Iran was inaugurated at an 11-flat compound in Parwan-e-2 square in Kabul.